Nothing is known about Jaffery’s life prior to his arrival at KSPCA but it is clear that it involved much suffering and hardship.  This scar-faced cutie was discovered fast asleep on a pile of hay at Jaffery Sports Club in Lavington early last December.  Emaciated and completely exhausted, Jaffery refused to wake up until prodded by an angry askari wanting to chase him from the compound.  Frozen in fear, Jaffery could not help but pee all over himself!  A jogger who witnessed the scene intervened and took the poor pup to KSPCA.  Jaffery has thrived in the care of KSPCA, gaining good amounts of weight and confidence since his arrival, and has turned into such a delightful social boy.  Jaffery is approx. 3 years old and would make a fantastic addition to any home.