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It was reported by some residents at Woodley estate that a Marabou stork had landed on an electric line and suffered an electric shock but luckily two of our field officers got there on time to save the bird. We found him injured and the left toe was broken. The Marabou Stork was being fed by the public on grains, which shouldn’t be the case because the animal feeds on flesh. Thereafter, the field officers rushed him to KSPCA clinic and was attended by the Veterinary Doctor.

Some information about the Marabou Stork.

Marabou storks are scavengers in nature, and mostly feed on animal carcasses. However, they are also known to prey on fish, frogs, eggs, baby crocodiles, snakes, small birds, adult flamingos, and locusts. They are also known to join vultures in searching for food, as vultures are equipped with hooked bills that helps in the tearing of the carcass meat.

Marabou storks practice urohydrosis, which means defecating on the legs. They do this as a cooling mechanism. It helps them regulate their body temperature, and also gives the legs a white appearance.

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Tyson is a four year old Rottweiler. His days have been spent in a shed, let out at night when the humans were in their house. So he has had very little human contact. The landlord of the property asked Tyson’s owner to find another place to stay, so the KSPCA came to take Tyson away. He was very wary of the people who came to take him as he was very timid and lacked confidence, which is what happens when dogs spend their time locked up. After much patient coaxing he was put in a van and taken to the KSPCA shelter.

With attention and TLC after one week he has gone to his new owner as arranged with the old owner. He is a changed dog, much more confident and will spend a lot of his time with his new owner.


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A rescued blind dog’s happy ending

Most of  you remember the little blind dog that was brought to us, she has now been neutered and vaccinated. Her eyes have been examined by Dr Nonnee who is an eye specialist. She told us what we already suspected, that  nothing can be done though she has a little bit of sight. She told us that this is very often the result of inbreeding.

With her human family

With her human family

Since little dog’s photos went on Facebook we have had three offers of a home. So the first lady came to see her yesterday with her daughter and two dogs. All went well and as soon as little dog has recovered from her operation, she will be going to her new home.

With her new friends

With her new friends

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Maribou storks rescue from Nyayo Stadium

A call came in from a member reporting trees being cut down beside Nyayo stadium. We knew that Maribou storks lived there so we thought it better to check and see if there were any babies. Inspector Fred Midikila  and helpers went to investigate. Fortunately it is not yet nesting season so we only found one sorry looking stork, semi adult but obviously not yet able to fly, perched on the fence.

A tricky situation

A tricky situation

Syrus who has had a lot of experience with these birds, volunteered to catch him. It took a bit of time to put a dust coat over the bird’s head to quieten him, but eventually he managed. The bird is now safely with us. He has had a meal and some water and looks brighter already.



While we were there Fred checked on two guard dogs that are housed in the compound. He had advised the owner before, that he had to improve their living conditions. Which the owner had not done. Both dogs were tied on very short chains to their kennels. One especially, the chain was about a foot long, the door of the kennel was closed so if it rained the dog had no shelter.

Two unhappy dogs

Two unhappy dogs

We decided to bring the dogs to KSPCA until the owner complies with the law. Fred left his card for him to contact us.  We also found some dirty stale posho beside the dogs which was probably food for them. So we returned with one bird and two dogs which are now comfortable with us. All in a day’s work.

Is this what they eat?

Is this what they eat?

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Cat rescued from the Big Square building exhauster pipe

Saturday lunch time the emergency phone rings. It is a call from the Big Square building at Karen roundabout. Somebody has heard a kitten crying in an exhauster pipe leading from the generator in the basement. The Inspector on duty Paul Mufunyi and an assistant rushed up to see what they could do. It was complicated. The outlet where the kitten had gone in was in the wall of the next door petrol station. As the vent went back towards the generator, there was a bend and a drop of about three feet. The kitten had dropped down there.


The Inspector on duty Paul Mufunyi and an assistant rescuing the cat from the exhauster

Firstly they tried with a sack hoping the kitten would hang on and be pulled up. She did not cooperate. So after a series of phone calls, (Saturday afternoon, no maintenance staff) they got permission to remove a portion of the vent. Reinforcements arrived including our electrician and they set to work.

It took some time but eventually they managed to remove a section. Paul put some cat meat inside and waited. Eventually the kitten, hunger overcoming fear, crept forward. She was swiftly grabbed and protesting loudly was unceremoniously locked in a cat box. Then of course the removed part had to be replaced, which again took a bit of time.

The cat after it was rescued now at KSPCA shelter

The cat after it was rescued now at KSPCA shelter

Everybody agreed that it was a good way to spend a rainy afternoon. Kitten is now safely at KSPCA. We thought she was an unusual colour, grey with brown patches, but we now think she is probably white with brown patches. She also has interesting red eyes. However until she settles down we will let her be.

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Epitaph for a street dog

She was a normal street dog, nondescript, rather ugly, unloved. Being a bitch she of course kept having puppies. Obviously she had annoyed somebody because one of her front legs was almost severed by a panga and she was dumped out of a car in Ruiru together with her latest litter.

Paul with Abby on arrival

Paul with Abby on arrival

It was raining hard at that time but she found a place to be with her puppies though it was not rainproof. Fortunately a concerned member of the public saw her and phoned the KSPCA.  Field Officer Paul Mifunyi went to collect her. Though she was suspicious of humans she went with her puppies in the van and so to KSPCA. The bottom third of her leg, which was hanging by some skin came off in the vehicle. Her wound was cleaned and she was treated with antibiotics and put in a pen with her puppies.

Abby after her leg has healed

Abby after her leg has healed

However this she did not like and she managed in spite of her wound to jump out. She stayed outside the pen near her puppies who fortunately were old enough to eat by themselves. Once they were rehomed we caught her and put her in a kennel to try to socialise her. She was getting more trusting so she was spayed with a view to being one of our outside guard dogs. A new beginning. However it was not to be. One morning she ate her breakfast as usual, greeted some puppies from another litter and shortly afterwards was found dead. A postmortem showed that she had suffered a heart attack. Rest in peace brave dog, we hope you are now in a better place.

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Cat rescued from the Commonwealth Graveyard in Nairobi town

Cats they say have nine lives. Ginger had used up most of them by the time he was rescued. How he came to be in the Commonwealth Graveyard in town we do not know. He was weak and starving. Along came a good Samaritan in the shape of a Mr Jonathan Battye, a UK business man. He saw the poor cat lying very still, looking very sick.  He picked him up gave him some milk and brought him to KSPCA.

Ginger 1

Ginger in town at the Commonwealth Graveyard

Within a week Ginger was a different cat. He was very friendly, stronger and happy, though he has a deformed left hind paw. Jonathan visited him whenever he was in Nairobi and Ginger was always so happy to see him. Perhaps he knew that this man had probably saved his life.

Regina and Paul saying goodbye to Ginger

Regina and Paul saying goodbye ta Ginger

On one visit Jonathan announced that his parents had just lost their old cat, so he had decided to gift Ginger to them for Christmas. So the export process began. On Thursday 16th December we said goodbye to Ginger and he started on his marathon journey to UK rather unsure of what was happening. Two days later we got a lovely picture of Ginger with his rescuer in his new home.  He has a new name now, it is of course Bahati.


Ginger with Jonathan in UK in his new home

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Puppies rescued in Roysambu

We received a call from a lady in Roysambu who got our emergency contacts from our website and immediately reported that some puppies had been neglected and she could see them from her house. The call came in at around 10pm and we promised to act the following day.

The weather was bad the following day and considering it had rained the previous night and since the puppies slept outside they were soaking wet, the poor puppies were very cold. We asked around if anyone knew where the mother was and the boys who had gathered to witness the rescue took us to the mother who had an injured front leg and half of the leg was rotten and hanging. We managed to catch her and the hanging piece fell off due to her resistance.

The mother and puppies are now in our shelter. The puppies are happier now and the mother is receiving treatment from our Vets. She might join our residential dogs or she will find a good home.

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When you see what this hungry dog did to a new born baby you will be shocked

There is a good chance that this post will be the most disturbing one that you will see all day. There is also a chance that this will be the most inspirational thing that you will see all day. Viewer discretion is advised and those who have weak stomachs and cannot handle graphic images are urged to direct their attention elsewhere.

Most of us are already well aware of the fact that we share this planet with cruel people that have zero regard far anyone but themselves. Lots of people will take life away from another person, just so that they can be comfortable.
Look all of he abandonment that takes place in our society. people will dispose of their pets if they don’t want to clean up after a mess that they’ve made. Others may get rid of a dog or cat, just because they are defective and not as cute as other animals.

While some people are cruel to stray dogs, this post shows just how dignified they can be. A stray dog was wandering the streets in search of food. The dog found a newborn baby that had been carelessly thrown away. The child still had their umbilical cord attached and looked to be a few hours old.

Even though the dog was very hungry, he did not eat the newborn child. He took the baby out of the street, with the goal of finding them a loving home. The pup took the baby to the nearest home and began to bark for attention.

The family inside of the home heard the dog’s frantic bark and came outside to find quite a startling discovery. They brought the child to the hospital and thanks to this dog’s selfless actions, the baby remains alive today. The parents of this child were incredibly stupid to dump a baby in the trash and without the heroic actions of this dog, the child would have perished before it had a chance to live.

The dog is a hero and deserves to be treated as such. He showed the world that a stray dog does not need to be considered a second class citizen. He showed more heart than the child’s gut less parents and provided an innocent baby with a much needed second chance.

This post is amazing and astonishing and deserves to be shared with all of your friends.

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Lovely Lucky, needs a happy ending…

Lucky was found on the streets of Doha, Qatar with half his front leg missing. He was rescued by some kind strangers. They got him to Kenya three weeks ago. Lucky is now a beautiful BEAUTIFUL healthy tripod. He is so very loving, gentle and affectionate with adults, kids and dogs (yes dogs). He is house trained, and can run really fast!

However, he is possessive and territorial with some other cats and three of my other feline sweeties are all in hiding terrified. As much as I adore him I have to find him another home… a home with no other cats, or tough don’t-mess-with-me-cats(Champ the B&W male below is not scared of him).

So many people have put so much time and care into him, and he has had such a tough life so far. Can you give him a furr-ever home or even foster? An immediate foster would also help whilst we look for a permanent family.

Please call Ginger 0720 604491 or email ginger@gingerink.tv