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Tyson is a four year old Rottweiler. His days have been spent in a shed, let out at night when the humans were in their house. So he has had very little human contact. The landlord of the property asked Tyson’s owner to find another place to stay, so the KSPCA came to take Tyson […]


A Month in the Life of a KSPCA Field Officer

By Paul Mufunyi, KSPCA Field Officer FEBRUARY 2017 FIELD REPORT I began the month of February by rescuing a dog which was hit by a car in Kariobangi. The dog was reported to us after two days.  The person who reported it took the dog off the road and made a shed and gave it […]

A dog is a dog is a dog

KSPCA has many lovely dogs looking for good homes. They are healthy, dewormed, vaccinated and the females are neutered if they are six months old. We charge 8000/- per dog as a handling fee to help cover our expenses. However some of our visitors are disappointed that our dogs are not pure bred. Which puzzles […]

Guard dogs crisis

There are now many security companies registered in Kenya. Some of the big companies with guard dog services are very professional and they look after their dogs well. Others unfortunately do not. Our biggest problem is with the small companies that set up and then their clients feel they would like a guard with a […]

A rescued blind dog’s happy ending

Most of  you remember the little blind dog that was brought to us, she has now been neutered and vaccinated. Her eyes have been examined by Dr Nonnee who is an eye specialist. She told us what we already suspected, that  nothing can be done though she has a little bit of sight. She told […]

Good Samaritan rescues a blind dog abandoned in Kawangware

A car drove into Kawangware, dumped a box and drove away quickly. Some children nearby saw this and being curious opened it to find a very frightened blind little dog. So they removed her and started to try and play with her, which unfortunately made the dog even more frightened. A good Samaritan came along,  […]

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Maribou storks rescue from Nyayo Stadium

A call came in from a member reporting trees being cut down beside Nyayo stadium. We knew that Maribou storks lived there so we thought it better to check and see if there were any babies. Inspector Fred Midikila  and helpers went to investigate. Fortunately it is not yet nesting season so we only found […]

A dog named Safari

Dogs are part of our lives, but unfortunately many people do not give the mixed breed dogs the respect that they deserve. We at KSPCA deal with them all the time and we appreciate their worth. They are hardier than many pedigree dogs, loyal, adaptable and the majority in the right home are good guard […]

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How KSPCA deals with animals in distress

Much of the work at KSPCA deals with animals in distress. Sometimes it is ignorance, sometimes it is lack of empathy. The latter case is where we can have problems. At times we are met with indignation or even aggression from owners when we explain why we are looking at their dogs. Unless it is […]