Our History

In spite of all the barriers and divisions that prejudice and superstition have heaped up between the human and non-human, we may take it as certain that, in the long run, as we treat our fellow beings “The Animals” so shall we treat our fellow men.
– Henry S. Salt (1851-1939)

The KSPCA is the only charitable animal welfare organisation in Kenya that deals for the most part with domestic animals. It evolved over the years, starting sometime after 1910 when some ladies took pity on the oxen bringing goods into Nairobi from the surrounding districts. The Society as an official body started in Mombasa. At that time it was known as the East African Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Nairobi followed suit shortly afterwards. The first available minutes of meetings were recorded in 1925. Initially the society seemed more concerned with rabies control, the inspectors’ main task being to shoot stray dogs.

The Society started expanding when it was left a legacy in 1983 and a plot was bought in Karen, where the Headquarters is today. For the first time kennels and a small cattery were built and the work was able to expand. The two Inspectors at that time employed, went to UK for training with the RSPCA, the Donkey Sanctuary and the Humane Slaughter Society to learn about humane slaughter.

We now have 23 members of staff.

Because of the manner in which the Society has grown and the fact that as we became better known, the main part of our work is rescue and rehabilitation with teaching being done at the source of the problem. In a developing country funds are not so readily available for animals as there are so many human problems.  We help the poor where we can, to manage their animals better, so that there is mutual benefit. Because of the nature of our work and lack of funds we have not been able to establish a good education programme. School groups  come to our headquarters but we lack a proper facility to give them the education that is needed. We firmly believe that education of the young is the way forward as far as raising the standards of animal care is concerned in the future. In the last twenty years we have seen an encouraging change in attitudes to animals, though there is still a long way to go.

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Meet our Executive Officer

Jean Gilchrist

Jean Gilchrist

Jean Gilchrist retired from her position as Executive Officer of the KSPCA on August 9, 2017.

Jean had been with the KSPCA for over 20 years. During her tenure at the helm of our organisation she had gained a reputation throughout Kenya as the “mad woman of animals” and this reputation is well earned as many of us have found out… A simple trip down the road with Jean usually results in whiplash from violent breaking of the vehicle followed by jaw dropping admiration as she leaps from the car to deal with whatever animal/situation has caught her eye.

The Queen of England awarded her an MBE (Member of the British Empire) in recognition of all her work towards building the KSPCA up from a tiny operation of 3 people to the great success it is today. She is tireless and dedicated towards working with the people of Kenya, educating, leading and encouraging them to treat animals with the respect deserved of any workforce a well as running the rescue & homing operations of this ever growing organization.